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You deserve to exist in your family photographs...

These sessions are incredibly important to me and getting Mums 'in the frame' is something I am very passionate about. As Mothers we are all too often behind the camera; we take thousands of photos of our children to document every moment of their childhood but the person that is often missing from our family story is us.

I believe that every Mother should have special, heartfelt photographs of her with her children- not just for us to look back on when they have grown up, but also for our children to see that we were there with them every step of the way. 

These sessions are perfect for you if...

~ You look at your camera roll and its FULL of beautiful photographs of your child/children...with their Daddy, with their Grandparents, with their Cousins and with their Friends, but when you look for images that include you, you can count them on one hand...

~ You would love some updated photos but you know your other half will *never* be interested (no matter how hard you try)

~ You are nearing the end of a particular chapter (maybe you are coming to the end of your breastfeeding journey, perhaps your little one is off to school this year or starting to lose their baby teeth) and you want to capture this time right now  before it changes.

~ You want to do this for yourself so that you have some beautiful photographs of you with your little one(s) to look back on and treasure forever 


~ 30-minute session
~ Outdoor location -Maidstone, Kent (full address details will be provided upon booking)
~ 5 hand-edited, High Resolution digital images included.
~ Option to upgrade to full gallery.
~ Limited sessions available.
~ Mummies and their “babies” only (no matter what age those babies may be) 




~ Wednesday 17 August 2022 (18:00 / 19:00)

~ Monday 22 August 2022 (18:00)

(Please advise which date / time you are interested in when you submit the contact form) 

Kind words...


"...Claire has a vision, to get us Mums out from behind our smartphones and in the pictures rather than taking them. As M and I lolled around the garden, chatting with Claire, I realised a couple of things.


First, M doesn’t give a sh1t that I am constantly telling myself to be on a diet, he doesn’t care that I have grey hairs and laughter lines. He just loves me. Second, Claire is so clever I didn’t even realise she was taking photographs.


Ladies, we are enough. We are great friends, great parents, great aunts, great cousins, great godmothers. Time to stop identifying our perceived faults and enjoy being us and I thank Claire for giving me a brief glimpse of that this evening...."

Cant wait to see you!

Claire x