A little about me...


I have always loved photographs. Growing up, I used to love looking through albums and boxes of old family photos, laughing with my Parents and Grandparents about their questionable fashion choices and hearing the stories behind each of the images. As I grew older, I was always that friend who had her disposable camera on a night out or the person taking photos on family holidays, special occasions and of every day life.

When I had my children, photography became even more important. Time seems to go by so quickly now, I am always looking ahead planning the *next thing* (there is always something!) I truly believe that every picture tells a story and just like the photos I loved looking through as a child, I want to be able to capture memories for my family to look back and hold onto forever.

In a world of social media where everything is filtered and enhanced I strive to find the natural beauty in real life. My aim is to capture personality and connections- a cheeky grin, a grumpy look, even a favourite toy or blanket - photographs you can look back on and remember what family life was really all about.

If you are looking for more traditional portraits or posed newborn photographs, I’m afraid I am not the photographer for you…

If you are looking for meaningful photographs of your family which show you all right in this moment; images which capture your personalities and relationships as they are now, and photographs which will make you say “Do you remember when…”

Get in touch, I would love to chat.

                                                                                                                                                                      Claire x

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