When should I book my session? 

Please get in touch to discuss your session and book a date and time for us to get together. Your session date will be confirmed in my calendar as soon as you have paid the £65 session fee. 

If you are looking for a weekend session please make contact well in advance; I have two little ones myself so I do restrict the amount of weekends and evenings that I offer.

When should I book my newborn session? 

For newborn sessions, I will make a note of when you are due and can pencil you in around that date. I do appreciate that babies have a mind of their own, so even if we schedule in a date we can bring this forward if your baby arrives early (and you are home and well) or can push this back if they are late or you need a little bit more time to settle in. 

If you would prefer to wait a while until your little one is a bit older and more alert, that's completely fine. The great thing about lifestyle newborn photography is that it is baby-led - I do not need your baby to be asleep or to put them into complicated positions or poses, so you can contact me as soon as you are ready and we will get something in the diary! 

How long will my session be?

I will spend around 60 minutes with you but please be assured, the session will be completely child-led (and I will not be taking photos the whole time!) If I get everything I need we can finish a little earlier or if we run over slightly please do not worry. We will take things as they come and be guided by your little one(s). If, at any point, you would like a break or the children need a drink or a snack that is totally fine. I will make sure you have enough time to tend to the needs of your family and still get a great gallery of images.

Where will my session take place? 

I love photographing families in places that are special to them, whether that is your family home or garden or the park you have always gone to for family picnics - if the place is special to you, your photos will hold even more meaning when you look back in years to come. If however, you are not sure about locations I have some lovely places I can suggest . 

What is the best time for a session?

IN-HOME (indoor) sessions usually take place in the morning around 10.30am. This is when natural light inside the house is at its best. I do find that morning sessions tend to suit children (and especially those little ones who still nap) because their energy levels are still pretty high and they're not too tired or hangry! 

OUTDOOR sessions will usually take place after 2pm. Unfortunately at other times of day the sunlight is harsh which makes it almost impossible to avoid shadows and squinting eyes (not the best recipe for flattering images!)  

If, however, you have your heart set on a specific time of day, I will do my best to accommodate this and will happily discuss your needs when you make contact. 

Do I need to prepare for our session?

Once we have a date in the diary, I will make contact to discuss the details. We can chat about where you would like your session as well as what you can expect from me and which parts of your family story you would like me to capture. I will send you a Welcome Guide and some tips on what to wear and will be on hand to answer any questions you might have. 

What will happen during our session? 

In the week leading up to your shoot, I will contact you to make sure you are ready to go and answer any last-minute questions. I will also keep a close eye on the weather for any outdoor sessions.  

On the day of the shoot, I will meet you at the agreed time and location. We can take as much time as needed to get your little ones used to the camera, to feel relaxed and comfortable. I will guide you through the session with natural directions and prompts, things which will engage the little ones and encourage natural connections between you all.

What should we wear? 

I will send you a detailed guide after you book your session, including some tips on what to wear, what to expect and how to prepare for your session. But if you have any questions, I am always on hand to help. 

When will I receive my images? 

I will send you a link to a private online viewing gallery within 2 weeks of your session  (containing 25-30 hand-edited images). The gallery will be active for 48 hours to give you time to enjoy looking at your images and decide on your collection. 

How will I receive my images? 

High resolution images will be delivered via digital download - these will be available immediately for you to save to your chosen device. Any prints (depending on the collection chosen) will be fulfilled by a professional printing lab and sent directly to your home. 

What if it rains or we are sick on the day of the shoot?

I understand that The Great British weather can be very unpredictable. Whilst cloudy skies can make for great photos, I certainly don’t want us to get stuck in a storm! If it looks like it may rain and this will affect our shoot, I will be in contact in the days prior and we can decide if we should reschedule.  If you or your little ones are sick, please try to give a least 24 hours’ notice, and we can reschedule when everyone is feeling better.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything else you would like to discuss 

Claire x