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Is my house suitable for an in-home photography session?

Every now and then a family will reach out and tell me that they are unsure whether their house is suitable for a photo session.

In this case, this beautiful new family had welcomed their little one in the middle of a house renovation (it is so funny how often that happens; new babies often come hand-in-hand with house moves, renovations and decorating. In fact, my Husband and I decided to remodel our kitchen shortly after our Daughter was born!!)


Now, something I know I have mentioned many times before is that I really do believe that everyone’s home is perfect just as it is

I really don’t think it is about having the ‘best’ house, the biggest living space or the most Instagram-worthy backdrop.

Your home is literally the place where your family story is unfolding and where most of your memories are made…and I think that makes it incredibly special.

BUT…it is also very important to me that you feel happy and comfortable on the day of your session.

This is why I always take the time to talk to you about any worries or concerns.

It is my job to reassure you that everything will be ok (because, I promise, it will be)


There really is only one thing I need for an in-home session.


I am natural light photographer, through and through. I do not bring any additional lighting into your home and so completely rely on what Mother Nature provides us.

…and so it is this natural light which dictates where your session takes place – not your décor, not whether you have done the housework, not where the kids have made a mess – just the light…and this light will allow me to create the best images for you and your family.


So when I arrive at your home, I will always ask to have a quick look around. It isn’t because I am nosey (I promise!) it is because this quick tour allows me to identify which rooms or areas in your home have the best light available for me to use.

If the light in the living room, master bedroom or kids bedrooms isn't quite working for us, I will happily suggest alternatives and I promise you, there will *always* be somewhere!

In this instance, the family had just finished their daughter’s beautiful nursery, and so this became the backdrop for most of our session.

One room, one window and one doorway.

…and that really was all I needed.

I might be biased but I am sure you will agree that the gallery we created is just lovely (if I could add emojis to a blog, there would be lots of heart ones here!!!) Photographs of this beautiful new family in the first place their little one will call home – what could be more perfect…

If you are considering a photography session in your home but are unsure if it would be suitable, please do not worry…all I need is a window or doorway and I promise I am good to go.

…and please remember the reason why you have invited me into your home in the first place… I am there to capture your family, the love you have for one another and your memories – and your home is such a special place to do that.

If you would like to know more, please contact me, I would love to chat

Claire xx

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