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4 reasons why Lifestyle Photography might be perfect for you…

What do you think of when you hear the term ‘Family Photography’?

Chances are you are transported back to your childhood, to the dreaded Family Photo Day.

Your Mum would dress you and your siblings up in your finest matching outfits (my brother and I had rather fetching sailor suits, I bet you can just picture it – oh, the 80’s, how we miss you)

You would march down to the local photography studio where you would spend the best part of an hour being bribed with sweets to ‘sit still and say cheese’…it was hot, your parents would get grumpy if you didn’t behave and it was no fun *at all*

…and until I became a photographer, that’s exactly how I pictured it too. I knew there were other more ‘fly-on-the-wall’ options when it came to wedding photographers but when it came to family photography, I didn’t know there were any other alternatives.

Until I discovered Lifestyle Family Photography.


But, what is lifestyle photography?

I like to think of lifestyle photography as something between traditional portraits and documentary photography.

Whereas traditional family portraits, taken in a studio, are generally more posed and formal (with everyone sitting and smiling at the camera) lifestyle family photography is about capturing real moments as they happen.

Because the aim of lifestyle photography is to show the love and relationships between people, you spend a large part of the session connecting with your family, not looking at the camera.

...and THAT is wonderful for so many reasons...


1. Sessions are natural and relaxed

The thought of asking you to sit still and say ‘cheese’ to the camera for the best part of an hour fills me with dread (I can imagine how my own family would feel in that situation - it would not be pretty!)

The reason I love lifestyle photography is because it is relaxed. Sessions are totally child-led. If the kids need time to get used to me, it's fine (and totally understandable). If they need a break or snack or just want to run around and play for a while, its totally ok with me.

I am guided by them at all times…because if the kids are happy, the chances are you will feel happy.

2. Kids are free to be themselves

I LOVE that all children are different – wouldn’t life be boring if we were all the same! I love to hear all about the things they are into, the games they like to play and the things they love about you.

A lifestyle approach to photography allows your images to show not only what your kids look like but *who* they are, their personality and all the little things they do which make them so amazing.

3. You can capture genuine moments and connections

The in-between moments are the ones I love the most. It might be the way you look at your little one as they take in the world around them or the way they scrunch up their nose as you squeeze them tightly.

These are the moments which tell your family story. These are the images which show the love and connections between you all. You cant fake that and its why I adore it so much.

4. Lifestyle photography sessions are fun!

That’s right – FUN!

For me, this is the best reason of all.

Life is so busy. There is always *something* to do. I honestly feel as though I am never fully in the moment and I know lots of people feel the same way.

I see a lifestyle photography session as a chance to just stop.

We choose a location which has meaning to you - it might be the park you go for family picnics, your favourite beach or the comfort of your own garden (but, you don't need to worry if you aren't sure, I have lovely places I can suggest)

There is no work, no phones, no TV, no distractions.

It is an opportunity to have uninterrupted time together - a chance to just be with your family - laughing, playing and enjoying each other’s company (which let's face it, we don't get chance to do very often).

Sounds pretty amazing doesn't it...

So, there you have it! I know I may be biased but I really could waffle on all day about why I love this style of photography so much...

So, if you are looking for something more than a traditional family portrait.

If you love photographs which tell a story and images which make you feel something when you look at them.

If you want to remember your children just as they are, their cheeky personalities and the funny things they do.

If you want a record of you and your family, right in this moment in a place that means something to you.

…a Lifestyle Family Photography Session may be just the thing you are looking for.

Get in touch, I would love to chat

Claire xx

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